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Synopsis for "Let Slip the Dogs of War"

After wiping out his Crusader captors, the Fighting Yank continues to argue with his ancestor’s spirit; Yank has come to realize that his ancestor advised him to commit a hideous wrong for purely selfish reasons. The ghost says he’s in Hell; Yank merely replies, “Good”.

Dynamic Boy ambushes The Flame and Hydro. Pyroman arrives and electrocutes Dynamic Boy, apparently killing him (of course, the reader knows that Dynamic Boy is a robot). Just as the Police Corp prepare to attack the heroes, Black Terror appears in a riot of meta-natural greenery to whisk the trio away to New Shangri-La where they are greeted by the Green Lama (who believes Fighting Yank to be dead).

V-Man, unable to control his new “plague” power, is under quarantine in a plexiglass room. While there, Masquerade comes to visit him; it seems that removing her mask somehow cured her of the plague.

The Dynamic Family makes a televised media circus of Dynamic Boy’s funeral. Dynamic Man accuses the superheroes of being “terrorists”, while Dynamic Woman calls for the nations of the planet to unite for a war against the “Superpowers”.

The Target, another released hero, makes an appearance. The Police Corp attempt to take him down, but his ability to split into three separate beings confuses the fascist troops.

In the Middle East, Black Terror joins with Samson and the Scarab in a brutal battle against F-Troop zombies. Black Terror indicates that the other Superpowers will likely join later in an effort to destroy the F-Troop abomination.

Back in Tibet, the Fighting Yank is slipping fast; only his power cloak is keeping him (barely) alive. Suddenly three arrows slam into the gaping wound in Yank’s chest, fired by the Arrow, another hero released from the urn.


  • This issue also contains a two-page spread of full color character designs by Alex Ross, this one featuring heroes and villains of colossal size.


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