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Synopsis for "...Undimmed by Human Tears"

Dynamic Forces’ headquarters (and all of New York City) has been overrun by Green Lama’s meta-natural foliage. The Dynamic Family abandons New York and relocates to Philadelphia. While there, they see the television coverage of the destruction inadvertently caused by The Flame and Hydro. The recently released heroes are bombarded by media questions (including “Are you a couple?” It would seem that many things have changed over the sixty years of their imprisonment within Pandora’s Urn). Dynamic Man decides to change his strategy for combating the heroes; he will call out the nationwide Police Corp, a fascistic cadre of stormtroopers, and use them to manipulate the media, making martyrs of the Dynamic Family.

Shangri-La has been destroyed. The Crusaders carry the Fighting Yank through the snow, while Yank’s spirit guide realizes that he’s lost and truly damned.

Green Lama has renamed New York City “New Shangri-La”. His meta-natural greenery has taken over the city; huge vines and foliage wrap around the skyscrapers. Unable to remove the Dynamic Family’s micro-transmitters from the Black Terror, Green Lama decides to send Black Terror across the globe to gather up the newly-released superheroes as they appear and bring them back to New Shangri-La.

In the Middle East, Scarab shows Samson a “Black Cross” facility, where the undead F-Troop soldiers are reconstituted and sent back into battle. The political goal of using these zombie troops is to make war “acceptable” to the masses; Samson recognizes that the soldiers’ souls are thereby trapped and that the F-Troop is an abomination. He charges through the tents and begins the work of destroying the undead soldiers, releasing their souls.

In Tibet, the dying Fighting Yank begins to understand how he was misled by his ancestor; it was never about “doing the right thing” but was instead about releasing Bruce Carter I’s soul from the curse it labored under. Inspired by The American Spirit, who reassures Yank that his misguided betrayal of his allies has not damned him, Fighting Yank challenges his Crusader captors to “do their worst”.

Events are moving too quickly even for the Dynamic Family. Communications have been cut with their Tibetan Crusader squadron, a Middle Eastern F-Troop unit has been totally destroyed (even beyond the ability to reanimate the corpses), and Black Terror’s location is constantly changing as Green Lama sends him around the globe to gather together the reemerging heroes. “How could one old man have started this?” muses Dynamic Woman.

In Paris, the Death Defying 'Devil and Justine’s "ad hoc" alliance is strengthened as ‘Devil learns of a terrorist organization called The Claw, and realizes there might be a connection with his old archenemy of the same name. Just then the Black Terror (accompanied by Masquerade and V-Man) arrives to gather up 'Devil.

Back in California, The Flame and Hydro have given themselves up to the Police Corp, unaware of the organization's stormtrooper tactics. As the Police Corp begin to savagely beat the handcuffed heroes, Pyroman arrives to lend the heroes a hand. It’s going badly for the Corp when Dynamic Boy suddenly appears and lends the Corp a hand…


  • Fighting Yank's War Journal entries for this issue:
  • This issue also contains a two-page spread of full color character designs by Alex Ross.


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