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Synopsis for "All Part of the Design"

The issue opens with the sham funeral of Dynamic Boy (which, as seen in Project Superpowers #5, is used by Dynamic Forces as a tool to turn public opinion against the Superpowers).

In a World War II flashback sequence, Dynamic Man and Dynamic Boy witness a Nazi military rally. Dynamic Man expresses admiration for the spectacle, as well as the war machine which Adolf Hitler has assembled: "...there's nothing wrong with the mechanism. It's only the face that needs to change." He turns to Dynamic Boy, says "Let's make this look good", and proceeds to break up the rally with the help of numerous other 1940's "Mystery Men" (most of whom we've already met in previous Project Superpowers issues).

Back in the present, Dynamic Man stands at the graveside and reflects on how his plans have gone awry with the unexpected return of the Superpowers and Dynamic Boy's "death" at the hands of Pyroman. Dynamic Boy digs himself out of his grave and tells Dynamic Man that Pyroman, Hydro, and the Flame now know that the Dynamic Family are really androids.

In a chilling turn, Dynamic Boy removes his face and tells Dynamic Man that he's about to join the Superpowers in the guise of another "resurrected" hero.


  • This issue occurs after the events of Project Superpowers #5.
  • The comic contains full-color previews taken from the pages of the Black Terror and Death-Defying 'Devil miniseries, as well as black and white preview pages from Masquerade.


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