"The Superpowers vs. the Superpowers: Black Terror Goes to Washington, Part 1"


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Synopsis for "The Superpowers vs. the Superpowers: Black Terror Goes to Washington, Part 1"

On a rooftop, Green Lama, Black Terror, and the Owl debate the wording of Lama's televised address (in Project Superpowers #7) and the Superpowers' subsequent actions. Black Terror believes that the world's citizens will think the Superpowers are "looking down" on them in judgment: "That's basically what we told them when we said we were going to be a balance to the corruption of the world's powers." Although Lama asserts that the team did the right thing, he also admits that the Superpowers are now seem as a threat to global security and that "it's certainly going to make things harder on those who haven't yet made their way to New York."

Case in point: 1940's "Mystery Man" U.S. Jones is just then being run down by a Police Corp horde, led by a pair of mysterious caped figures.

The Superpowers watch a television news report with an "anti-Superpowers spin". The United Nations has fled New York and have unanimously agreed to take countermeasures against the Superpowers. United States President West is taking personal control of these countermeasures, calling the Superpowers a "terrorist faction".

The sky blackens; hundreds of The Crusaders are flying over the city, on their way to confront the heroes. The Superpowers meet them in a wild battle through the city streets. As Black Terror brawls with The Crusaders, he reflects on his own anger, Previously blaming it on the time spend in Pandora's Urn, Terror now recognizes that his anger stems from his intolerance for "any viewpoint that isn't right" and that this makes him so similar to the enemy that he's begun to loathe himself.

Black Terror and one of his foes crash through the wall of a museum. Terror tears off his opponent's mask and sees an undead face, similar to one of the F-Troop. Finding himself surrounded by Crusaders, Terror is surprised when one of them speaks, telling him that more heroes are imprisoned by President West in the White House and that one of the prisoners is Black Terror's old sidekick Tim (Kid Terror). Grabbing a cutlass from a pirate display, the maddened Terror wades into his foes.

Later, Black Terror tells Green Lama of his plan to attack the White House to rescue Tim and the other heroes imprisoned there. Lama still hopes that a "diplomatic solution" can be found between the Superpowers and their enemies, and warns Black Terror against attacking the president. Lama calls the Terror's plan "lunacy". "Nope," replies the Black Terror, "it's mutiny."


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The Romita Cover for this issue is based on an Amazing Spiderman cover featuring Punisher

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